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  • When is the hotel expected to open?
    Our goal is August of 2026
  • Can I provide input into the development of curated experiences with Global Lofts?
    Absolutely! We value your input as we shape our curated experiences. While we're developing a range of unique activities, we encourage you to share your preferences and interests with our team. Your feedback will play a vital role in customizing experiences that align with our shared vision. You can email us at
  • Will there be any loyalty programs for early and frequent Global Lofts participants during its development stage?
    Yes, we are in the early stages of developing a loyalty program for our valued participants. As an early supporter, you can look forward to exclusive benefits, discounts, and special offers. Details about the program will be shared as we progress through our development stage, leading up to the expected opening in August 2026.
  • How can I stay updated on the development progress of Global Lofts and its upcoming events, tours, and travel trips, leading up to the expected opening?
    Stay tuned for regular updates! Follow our social media channels, subscribe to our newsletter, and visit our website for the latest news on our development progress, upcoming events, and the launch of our unique local tours and travel trips. Your early support means the world to us as we shape the future of Global Lofts, and we look forward to welcoming you!
  • Is Global Lofts seeking investors or individuals interested in contributing to its development?
    Yes, we're excited about the prospect of community involvement in our development. If you're interested in contributing to the growth of Global Lofts or becoming an investor, please contact our team. Your support can play a crucial role in bringing our vision to life. Please send an email to
  • What sets Global Lofts apart from traditional accommodations?
    Global Lofts offers a unique travel experience centered around cultural immersion. Our communal spaces, curated experiences, and authentic cuisine provide travelers with the opportunity to connect deeply with local cultures, fostering meaningful connections and a richer travel experience.
  • Can I participate in or propose ideas for private events or gatherings during the development stage of Global Lofts?
    Certainly! We encourage active participation during our development stage. If you have ideas for private events or gatherings that align with our vision, we'd love to hear from you. Contact our events team, and let's explore how we can make your vision a part of our early journey. Please email us at
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