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Global Lofts - Design

At Global Lofts, we believe that understanding where you come from is essential to knowing where you're going—a philosophy inspired by Maya Angelou's profound words.


Latasha's vision is deeply personal and rooted in her own journey of self-discovery. In 2017, she traced her African ancestry through a DNA test, revealing her connection to the Bamileke people of Cameroon. Who are renowned for their exquisite wooden sculptures, intricate beadwork, and majestic elephant masks. This revelation ignited a passion in Latasha to honor and celebrate her heritage through the hotel design of Global Lofts.


Latasha's travels to Ghana and Kenya in 2021 further enriched her understanding and appreciation of various cultures. Encounters with Ghana's historical Cape Coast Castle and Kenya's vibrant Maasai culture have profoundly influenced the essence of Global Lofts.


Every detail in our design is inspired by these rich cultural experiences. We aim to provide a space where guests can embark on their own journeys of self-discovery. At Global Lofts, we invite you to immerse yourself in a unique cultural experience that connects you with a vibrant and diverse heritage.

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Maasai Tribe- East Africa Kenya

Photo Credit: Latasha A. Brown

Maasai Tribe- East Africa, Kenya

Cape Coast Castle- Cape Coast, Ghana

Photo Credit: Latasha A. Brown

Cape Coast Castle -
Cape Coast, Ghana

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