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Meet Latasha

My name is Latasha Brown and I’m excited to introduce myself as the creator and founder of Global Lofts, a travel and communal-inspired hospitality company that assists U.S. travelers in their glocal destination plans. I was motivated by my own personal travel experiences to help fellow explorers discover carefully curated accommodations nearby. I wanted my business to give people the safe and affordable option to visit different destinations within their respective communities. I personally know the painstaking feeling of planning out the trip routine, purchasing tickets for international flights, dividing your savings, and carving out the right amount of vacation days so your employer approves. I wanted to make things easier so people can benefit from a change of scenery without becoming anxious and stressed out. As you learn more about Global Lofts and what we do, I wanted to reveal the face behind the brand! The Dreamer: I’ve always had a passion for visiting every corner of the world and exploring the unknown. I consider myself to be a cultural aficionado, wishing I could submerge myself in different environments to create a bond with the locals. Unfortunately, at the time I worked two jobs and barely made enough to make ends meet. I didn’t have the income to cover costly travel expenses. To make things more challenging, I was granted a limited amount of time off from work, so vacation time never felt like enough. That’s when I devised a brilliant plan, instead of seeking different destinations abroad, why not bring the culture and customs of the countries abroad to me and others? Thus, Global Lofts was born. I wanted to help those who might not have the time or finances to travel far get those same worldwide experiences without having to leave their communities. The international community would no longer be a distant fantasy, but a realistic possibility that was easily accessible through food, accommodations, and experiences provided by local international groups! What better way to connect with your local community than through a hospitality brand that extends those services? The Entrepreneur/ Visionary: I started Global Lofts with a purpose, to encourage travel, even if it’s only five minutes away from home. If one person can benefit from the instrumental resources our company has to offer, then it’ll be worth it. I’ve battled personal setbacks to take control of my leadership role within the brand. I want to be at the forefront of my legacy and devise a permanent fissure that will produce generational wealth, while changing the narrative for my family. As an African American woman, I have a responsibility to combat the lack of representation regarding business ownership. I want to establish something concrete. Initially I imagined owning a bed and breakfast, but after gaining insider knowledge on the hotelier business, I now want to operate my own boutique hotel, where I could further assist travelers with accommodations during their stay. The Louisville Resident: Seven years ago, I relocated from Clarksville, Tennessee to Louisville, Kentucky, to accept a radiologic technical position at the University of Louisville School of Dentistry. Despite residing in Louisville all that time, I never went out of my way to learn about the local businesses and long-time residents, people who have been staples in the community for generations. I’m now making the conscious effort to view all the brilliant treasures the city has to offer. Diving into the cultural landscape is important, even if you go down the street and stay at a hotel for mental breaks or periods of reflection outside your workspace. Just switching up your environment can be a reprieve, especially now with the effects of the pandemic. The Foodie: Listen now your girl loves to eat! Food is my kryptonite, which is why I’m thrilled to be living in one of the top food cities in the country. Moving to Louisville, Kentucky, the community knows a thing or two about throwing it down in the kitchen. There are several savory authentic international dishes here that you would love to sink your teeth into. I always told myself I didn’t want something that’s cookie cutter, but rather a real curated experience, which is a component Louisville brings. I love that the city boasts people who hail from different backgrounds, I think the greatest way to embrace someone’s culture is through food. I love that I can go downtown and there’s a Cuban spot at the end of the block and Thai food around the corner. The Real Estate Agent: I consider myself a business mogul, always on the go. One of my first endeavors was real estate. I own and operate a real estate agency called First Legacy Homes LLC, which specializes in property management and buying and holding properties. Later in 2019, I joined a brokerage, EXP Realty, as a realtor. I always loved real estate, but I wanted to find my footing and make a lasting contribution. I’ve manifested my brand for years, but the thought of being a business owner was terrifying. I didn’t know much about the hospitality market at the time, and doubts began to creep into my mind. I finally transcended those negative thoughts and truly accepted my calling after much contemplation and prayer. Now my brand and realtor business are somewhat intertwined. In 2020, I earned the title of certified international property specialist (CIPS) and received a designation in November to help people interested in moving abroad or purchasing property outside (or inside) the U.S. The Traveler: Meanwhile, I’m excited to announce that I’ll be traveling to Ghana and Kenya this year to trace my roots and reconnect with my ancestors, without their sacrifices and inner strength, I wouldn’t be where I am today. This is a spiritual journey for me, and something that’s been weighing on my heart, it’s also a huge milestone because I finally get to cross international solo travel off my checklist! Beforehand, I started traveling domestically for business. Initially this was difficult for me because I was fearful of being alone. Now that I have the experience of traveling solo, I feel liberated because it has given me the chance to do some self-introspection and cultivate a better relationship with myself. I still love flying with travel companions, but I believe there are numerous benefits to having some private exploration time and personal discovery. The Doggie Mom: I’m a doggie lover and proud mom to my seven-year-old dog Quest! Rightfully so, his namesake comes from the cartoon Johnny Quest, a childhood favorite of mine that I used to watch with my dad. Transport me back to the days of Saturday morning cartoons!

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