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Global Lofts- Communal Inspired Hospitality that Unifies the World

REVOLUTIONIZING THE TRAVEL LANDSCAPE- OUR BACKSTORY Global Lofts is a communal-inspired hospitality brand that unifies the world through individualized, curated experiences. Started in 2017, founder Latasha Brown was emboldened to help U.S. travel enthusiasts save time and money through unique accommodations throughout the country. Based in the cultural hub of Louisville, Kentucky, we plan on expanding to different cities, partnering with local international communities to provide an immersive glocal encounter. PIVOTING BOUNDARIES - WHO WE ARE AND WHAT WE DO We understand, taking off is hard. You might have a full-time job and simply can’t afford to take any PTO, or maybe you decided to embark on that vacation getaway but must plan accordingly because you were only allotted a few days. You’re not alone, on average, people in the workforce only get 11 days of time off every year. Factor in international airfare and resort costs, the average time for someone to take off and travel overseas is 12 days. To guarantee that you make the most out of your invaluable time, we work nonstop to provide a memorable multicultural destination that’s either within driving distance or a short plane ride away. Our assortment of eclectic events is personally tailored to ensure that you have an inexpensive, noteworthy global adventure at your doorstep. You can get a taste of the tropical paradise of Aruba, the exotic atmosphere of Cancun, or the beautiful intoxicating heritage of Lagos through a glocal perspective. We offer you the chance to engage in the allure of various countries and hotspots while supporting small local businesses. Even if you just want to channel the spirit of your hometown and enjoy all its wonders, we provide that as well! No matter where you reside, each city harbors hidden gems. Our brand seeks to unearth those gems to contribute distinctive, stunning events to your staycation. OUR MISSION Our mission is to provide travelers with exceptional abroad experiences through high-quality hospitality, which is influenced by the distinct imprint of the local international community. One of the ways we achieve this is by adhering to our core values, which are diversity, economic empowerment, and customer experience. Diversity is etched in the very fabric of our business, we work tirelessly to cultivate resources that are representative of people from all cultural, racial, and ethnic backgrounds. We hope to devise an all-inclusive space for every Global Lofts location, forging connections among travelers and the surrounding community, ultimately sharpening their intercontinental lens so they’re more appreciative of cultural differences. We also want to lend support to local businesses. The key to fortifying underrepresented businesses and local communities is economic empowerment. Networking with small vendors gives them the opportunity to showcase their talents while circulating income throughout the city and providing more job opportunities. We’re passionate about bringing the magical radiance of different international communities to your inner circle, that way regardless of where you go, the essence of those areas and customs will always resonate with you. People are the heartbeat of any city, so it’s vital to create trips that foster lifelong interactions between our consumers and the local community. We want you to go beyond just having a wonderful vacation by making a long-lasting impression full of love, value, and respect. NURTURING THE COMMUNITY SPIRIT - OUR VISION AND DESIRED IMPACT The purpose of this brand is to enhance your local exploits with our specially designed staycations. We want you to gain an intimate understanding of your city through interactive learning and exploration. The benefit of staycations is that they’re easily attainable. Sometimes your go-to destination is right down the street! There are so many fantastic accommodations that are right before your eyes. You don’t need to endure the stress and anxiety associated with traveling across the world when you can admire the loveliness of the community at your fingertips. Through our expansive list of contacts, we transform your traveling desires into a reality, executing innovative concepts that allow you to capitalize on your vacation while avoiding tricky logistics and shelling out thousands of dollars. By booking with us, you can spend some time at the family-owned Mediterranean restaurant a few blocks over, where you can find authentic cuisine that’s been satisfying patrons’ appetites for over 30 years, or the new Caribbean dance spot that opened downtown. Our four and five-star accommodations give you plenty of opportunities to mentally recharge and unwind. Enjoy a gourmet breakfast prepared by one of our personal chefs and expand your culinary palate through our wonderfully arranged language classes and tastings. We’re thrilled to curate exclusive experiences on the property while also sharing information about fantastic local businesses that you can explore. On top of personalizing bomb staycation packages, we want to further capture a snapshot of your international travel from home by presenting our customers with the option to purchase monthly subscription boxes. This additional service helps amplify your custom-made curated experiences, with each subscription box carrying items that are carefully hand-selected by us. To make sure the unwrapping experience is unique for everyone, each item will have its own separate theme to honor a certain place. For instance, we’ll have an African themed set that will be an extension of the beautiful elements of the motherland. We want you to indulge in original art pieces from other areas and raise awareness for the smaller businesses who craft these designs in the process. Sharing these dazzling collections can help relatively unknown and unseen businesses gain some exposure, therefore getting their names and products out. EXPLORATION AND BEYOND At Global Lofts, we hope to inspire and make an impact through elevation and growth. In order to reach these aspirations, we’ve concentrated our efforts towards building global partnerships. Hosting worldwide retreats and wellness getaways are features that we want to bring to our consumers in the near future. Bringing a dedicated team onboard is another way we hope to cater to our fellow travelers, customers, and guests. We only recruit the best staff who genuinely cherish people, with our team members appreciating our brand and its mission. Feeding your curiosity of the world is what we strive to accomplish, and we hope you’ll join us in this remarkable travel journey. The sky’s the limit.

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