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A Cultural Revolution: Top 9 Black-Owned Businesses to Support in 2021

We can’t wrap up our Juneteenth series without shouting out some remarkable Black-owned businesses that are making significant strides in creating Black generational wealth, and distributing spectacular products and services that can transform your daily routine. Considering the devastating effects of Covid-19 - which not only affected numerous lives but negatively affected several businesses - stores and shops owned by people of color faced the brunt of the impact. More than 40 percent of black-owned businesses shut down last April, compared with the 17 percent decline among white-owned businesses. According to a survey conducted by the Black Chamber of Commerce, around 75 percent of Black-owned businesses saw an uptick in sales for a couple months, as people stood in worldwide solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement after George Floyd’s death. Unfortunately, after the national attention dedicated to social injustice, discrimination, and policing in America subsided, support shown towards Black-owned businesses once again plummeted to their pre-pandemic rates. It’s important to continue commemorating the infinite list of contributions and creativity provided by Black inventors and creators.

We encourage you to continue the legacy of Black entrepreneurship and circulate some dollars within the Black community by supporting Black-owned businesses. There’s an array of astonishing, high-quality products in multiple categories, from beauty and clothing to food and hair care. Explore some of the standout Black businesses we’ve highlighted below!

Black-women owned brands are soaring, representing the highest rate of growth of any group between 2014 to 2019. As if that's not impressive enough, side entrepreneurship among Black women skyrocketed up to 99 percent, with an outstanding 42 percent of net new women-owned businesses. With that being said, we wanted to highlight one of these Black female trailblazers, Bea Dixon. She is the founder and CEO of The Honey Pot Company - the first complete feminine care system fueled by herbs. After enduring some feminine health issues for months, she was visited in a dream by an ancestor who provided her with the ingredients to promote fast healing. Dixon later used these elements to create a complete, clean feminine wash that’s highly effective! The homemade, plant-derived products are sustainable and cruelty-free, and are scientifically proven to ensure a refreshing and cooling experience. Find them online or on the shelves at your nearby Target!

Relaxation and meditation are one of the keys to living a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Jaimee Ratliff is a certified yoga instructor who emphasizes the importance of implementing the ancient discipline in your life. The passionate advocate explains that yoga is instrumental in handling stress, although she’s noticed that its accessibility is limited in certain groups. She offers an inclusive space that fosters diversity in local and global spaces. You don’t need to live near a high-end studio to practice yoga; you can have an innovative and energizing wellness/ fitness routine right at home. Her atmosphere doesn’t require a fancy mat or expensive athletic wear, and you definitely don’t have to be in a specific income bracket to afford her classes. If you’re seeking fun, freedom, community bonding, or you simply want to feel empowered, definitely add Jamiee to your self-care regimen!

This dynamic company was started by Dana Bly in 2010, who derived inspiration from her natural hair journey. Finding positive representation that showcases Black women wearing expressive, bold, and gorgeous natural hairstyles became Bly’s mission, after noticing the lack of promotion in the mainstream marketplace. Instead of appealing to major hair care labels, she decided to create her own brand, displaying stunning imagery that features Black women wearing vibrant silk scarves and donning brilliantly-colored umbrellas. Her designs are unlimited, appealing to women who wish to embrace their curls and beautiful shades of melanin by displaying eclectic shower curtains and mesmerizing afro-centric wall art. If you wish to accentuate your living space with funky, abstract pieces, explore her vast collection of products, which present a captivating aesthetic of melanin queens.

Founded by twin brothers, Warner and Waverly Watkins, seek to respect the past without replicating it. They’ve conceptualized streetwear that’s meant to invoke deep thought and conversations, while providing a comfortable and cool feel. Sustainability is one of their main concerns, which is why the fabrics are sourced from Japan and Italy, but crafted in Los Angeles, CA. Their designs stress nonconformity, as their collegiate styles comfortably blend in with re-imagined workwear silhouettes. At Brownstone, attire can be dressed up or down for any occasion, as their collection incorporates cultural influences and gives recognition to Jazz, American hardcore, and sports iconography.

If you’re searching for impeccable, handcrafted gold jewelry, look no further than Auvere. Gina Feldman Love and Steven Feldman are a husband and wife team who turned their ambition and passion for love, design, photography, gold jewelry, and leather goods into a lucrative business. Whether it’s amplifying your wardrobe or gifting someone with that special sleek chain, this company has something for everyone. Clean cut earrings, pendants, rings, and other statement pieces can transform your toned down duds into an eye-catching ensemble. On their online store, you can choose from an endless assortment of styles and unique designs fashioned from satin finished gold. Jewelry purchased from Auvere is more than an accessory, it serves as a beautiful extension of you and your story.

Sometimes we have those days where we just want to recline on our couches and enjoy our favorite netflix series with a tasty snack. For all our kettle corn lovers, sounder Janelle Doyle produces gourmet kettle corn that’s guaranteed to revolutionize your tasting experience. Composed of some of the best specialty flavors in the south, this wonderful treat blends some savory, aromatic flavors into a powerful combination that delights your tastebuds. Sharpening his cooking skills at the Pennsylvania Culinary Academy, Executive Chef Desmen Milligan (also known as the “Flavor Creator”) has used his national restaurant expertise to cultivate exceptional flavors that are different from your standard popcorn. Try some freshly hand-popped kettle corn that’s created from the highest-quality mushroom kernels and used in 100 percent corn oil.

Best friends Kareem Cook and Claude Tellis were incentivized to create a delicious go-to brand for plant-based protein after witnessing many of their family members pass away from diet-related illnesses, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity-related illnesses. For those who want a shake packed with nutrients, their powders eliminate the chalky aftertaste traditionally associated with protein-powdered drinks, and replace it with a creamy flavorful finish stocked with vitamins and probiotics. One of Vegan Smart’s core values is creating a dairy-free alternative with reduced sugar and no animal substances. The company homepage states that implementing a healthy composite of colorful fruits and vegetables, along with readily-usable, non-GMO elements, is a perfect way to repair and build strained muscle tissue. Vegan Smart gives you precise proportions to energize your body and encourage healthy weight loss.

Health-conscious beauty and makeup brands are becoming more popular as we renew our focus on what we’re introducing to our bodies. Cashmere Nicole however, was already on that health tip when she founded Beauty Bakerie in 2011. As a cancer survivor, she developed a penchant for researching high-quality ingredients, like her beloved Flour Setting Powder. Her makeup gives consumers the chance to enhance their beauty while experimenting with natural tones. Bold pigments like her Mon Cheri Matte Lip Whip allows people full coverage with one application, promoting a classic color. Meanwhile, their renowned Milk and Honey Highlighting Palette is naturally creamy, amplifying your silky smooth glow. This brand has made it their prerogative to pay it forward, with Cashmere’s initiative being Sugar Homes, a foundation she created in 2016 that helps orphaned children all over the world.

Fashionistas or people simply looking to incorporate a little high fashion into their lives would be pleased to see the products devised by this company’s namesake and founder Fe Noel. Pulling graphic designs from her Caribbean heritage, Fe Noel spices up your wardrobe with multicolored prints, bold eye-popping colors, and flattering silhouettes. Meant for the cultured, glamorous shopper with a thirst for adventure, Fe Noel splashes key components of the culture so you can reach for pieces in your closet with pride. Instantly upgrade your daily clothing by thumbing through multiple design choices.

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